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While much of Payroll is automated, it's still a complex and laborious process. If you manage your own payroll in-house you'll understand the level of commitment needed to ensure it's being done accurately.


Add up the hours involved, the software and training costs, perhaps unfortunately the occasional penalty payment for errors, and there could be a case for outsourcing the task.

ESB could help you reclaim some of your valuable time and resources. You might already have it all under control, but letting us handle your payroll could prove to be more cost-effective, while freeing you up in the bargain to focus on running your business.


And since it's a crucial part of our job to keep on top of changes in tax and employment rules, you'd also have peace of mind knowing your compliance is being fully met.

Whether you're starting out as a first-time employer, struggling to manage your payroll, or feel you could just do with a bit more time and little less admin, why not let ESB do some of the heavy lifting for you?


Our basic prices are stated upfront to help you decide whether our services could work for you. Whatever your situation, we're sure we can find the perfect payroll solution to suit your needs. 


ESB offers a full range of accounting services, including book-keeping, tax preparation, independent examination, probate and VAT returns.


Our cloud-based Xero software is suitable for VAT businesses, non-VAT businesses and individuals, and is fully MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant.

We have solid knowledge of how tax and VAT analysis codes work and can help configure yours for trouble-free record-keeping and to avoid any tax or VAT-related errors.


Not only do we help you get to grips with calculations, unwieldy forms and deadlines, we identify possible tax reliefs and business schemes that could help minimise your tax bill and save you money.

We have a proactive approach and like to encourage tax returns to be done at the earliest opportunity to avoid a last minute rush before the deadline, potentially a recipe for stress that might lead to errors.


What's more, if you're due refunds or credits, the sooner you submit your return, the sooner they can be returned to your bank account.



ESB Payroll and Accountancy is based in the Regency spa town of Cheltenham. We've been helping businesses with their money matters for the best part of a quarter of a century. Our sizeable skill set comes from 40+ years of experience working in administrative and accountancy roles within a broad field of industries — engineering, hospitality, construction and banking to name a few. 

Payroll is a speciality for ESB. Our payroll manager is a veteran in the job, having clocked up considerable experience with both in-house teams and a contracted-out bureau. We're seeing many more businesses choosing to outsource their payroll — a move fuelled in part by new HMRC systems, most notably Real Time Information (RTI) and Pensions Auto Enrolment, which brought with them extra admin and tighter penalties. Our expertise and stringent checking procedures help minimise the risk of errors, while employees can be assured of being paid accurately and on time. 


Clients using our tax and accounting services are, for the most part, local to Gloucestershire and the South West, although we do also look after businesses further afield in the UK. They're typically small businesses, property rentals and charities, but we can support anyone who feels we're the right fit for them. We have a particular understanding of charities and churches, which have their own set of tax and accounting regulations to comply with. Probate and inheritance tax are also within our area of expertise if you need help in winding up an estate.

Whatever your business needs, we're just a phone call or email away. We're happy to talk through your situation and find a solution that works for you. And  you can be assured of our continued support if you engage our services.

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'The approach of ESB is highly professional and the guidance given impeccable. They understood the differing levels of expertise shared by the trustees and always pitched their advice accordingly.'

Steve Radley

'Their service provided has been exemplary on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level. When anything came up nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble. ESB were always at hand to sort out our questions. We have found ESB to be effective and always professional when dealing with our small cleaning business, and would definitely recommend their service.'

Andy Cole, GL5 Complete Cleaning Services

'ESB has acted as our accountants for over 12 years, during which time we have needed different aspects of ESBs expertise, including forensic accounting and assembly of information for probate returns. ESB has wide experience across all aspects of business and personal financial affairs. Hence we retain ESB as our advisers and accountants and fully recommend the firm.'

Sarah Cowell, Stow on the Wold, Glos

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9 Monica Drive, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 4NQ




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