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ESB Accountancy- Small Business Accounts, Bookkeeping, Payrolls and Tax Services in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Small Business Accounts, Bookkeeping, Payrolls and Tax Services in Cheltenham Gloucestershire by ESB Accountancy

ESB Accountancy can help you if you need help with small business accounts, bookkeeping, payrolls, tax credits, refunds and returns as well as voluntary charity legal requirements.

We have been helping people and small businesses in Cirencester, Cheltenham, Costwolds, Evesham, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Stroud, Tewkesbury and Worcester for several decades. So we have plenty of expertise to overcome whatever issues you may have. Oh and we are most cost effective.

Bookkeeping Services in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Are your customers mostly VAT registered or mostly private individuals?  If you are registered for VAT how complex does that make your bookkeeping?

Do you prefer to deal with your customers rather than your business administration?  We cannot eliminate the need for your involvement but we can help minimise the compliance risks to you of penalties that escalate because you regularly miss deadlines.

Self Employed and Small Business Accounts

ESB Accountancy specialise in helping and preparing Small Business Accounts. Accounts for the small businesses are often summarised into a few lines in a tax return but are all of your expenses identified and claimed properly?   You are classed by HMRC as self employed and a small business if you earn your income by charging customers for services rendered rather than receiving wages or a salary from one employer.

Payroll Services

It is now essential to submit PAYE payrolls details at least monthly online to HMRC.  Failure to comply with submission deadlines started to incur penalties from October 2014.  As HMRC becomes more automated the penalty enforcement procedures will become more rigid.

Do not get caught out by late lodgement and slow remitting of tax and NIC deducted from employees as that produces two separate penalties and the chance that penalties will escalate quite fast.

Payroll services are also relevant for domestic services or charities if the person supplying the services cannot demonstrate that they are self employed and invoice from that business.  Cleaners and church organists are becoming a target as a source of penalties from employers for HMRC.

Tax credits, Refunds and Returns

If you are self employed and a recipient of tax credits you know that you have to submit accounts information within four months of the start of the tax year.

We can help you meet this deadline with final accounts and tax returns submitted as well so it reduces the chances of a sudden adjustment in benefit.  That is how our clients prefer to manage their affairs.

Many people pay more tax in the year to 5 April in any tax year than they have a liability for once their tax return has been prepared and submitted to enable a refund to be claimed.

ESB Accountancy specialise in tax returns for people in business or with property income.  That can involve personal self assessment tax returns, partnership tax returns and company tax returns or any combination thereof.

We also believe that it is your interest as a taxpayer to have as much warning as possible about the extent of any tax liabilities so we prefer to deal with returns well before the deadline in January or whatever deadline you might have for your company tax return.

So if you want any help with your accountancy matters- you can either ring us now on 01242 583 001- email us on or click the Contact Us button ESB Accountancy accounts, bookkeeping, payrolls and tax services contact esbor please fill the form at the bottom of the contact us page.

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