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Inheritance Tax and Probate Service by ESB Accountancy

Inheritance IHT and Probate tax issues solved with ESB Accountancy. ESB Accountancy knows what has to be included where in form IHT400 and can assist your solicitor by ensuring that information is assembled promptly and that any tax liabilities are identified for payment by the due dates. That should then help reduce the time and […]

Self Employed Accounts Service by ESB Accountancy

ESB Accountancy can help you with your self employed accounts. Accounts for the self employed are often summarised into a few lines in a tax return but are all of your expenses identified and claimed properly? You are classified by HMRC as self employed if you earn your income by charging customers for services rendered […]

Small Business Accounts Bookkeepers ESB Accountancy

ESB Accountancy specialise in helping and preparing small business accounts. Accounts for the small businesses are often summarised into a few lines in a tax return but are all of your expenses identified and claimed properly? You are classed by HMRC as self employed and a small business if you earn your income by charging […]

ESB Accountancy’s client testimonials about our services

Here are listed a few kind comments and testimonials that some of our customers’ say about our ESB Accountancy services: “I first met ESB Accountancy seven years ago when I was appointed treasurer to a churches charitable trust fund. They had been the accountants to the fund for a number of years. The approach of […]

Tax Refunds by ESB Accountancy

Tax refunds service by ESB Accountancy, Many people pay more tax in the year to 5 April in any tax year than they have a liability for once their tax return has been prepared and submitted to enable a refund to be claimed. If you are in this category we believe that it is in […]

Tax Returns by ESB Accountancy

ESB will help you with your tax returns! ESB specialise in tax returns for people in business or with property income. That can involve personal self assessment tax returns, partnership tax returns and company tax returns or any combination of these. We also believe that it is your interest as a taxpayer to have as […]

Voluntary and Charity Sector Accounts

ESB Accountancy have many years experience of charity SORPS and reporting requirements for accounts and trustees reports. Choosing the right SORP- The Charity Commission and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, as the joint SORP-making body for charities, have developed two SORPS, one to support the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (FRSSE) and […]

ESB Accountancy

How ESB Accountancy can help you! ESB Accountancy specialises in helping small businesses, charities and the self employed, particularly those who are not VAT registered. – Small payrolls are a speciality. – We ensure accounts and tax returns address your needs. If you are in a refund situation we encourage early submission of returns and […]

Contact ESB Accountancy

You can contact ESB Accountancy at: 9 Monica Drive, Cheltenham GL 50 4NQ +44 (0) 1242 583001 @esbaccountancy

Part time payroll services requirements

Employing staff on a part time basis in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire often has the advantage of controlling costs and adding flexibility to the running of the business- but there are part time payroll staff legal requirements. However, those employers need to be aware that part time employees have employment rights in the same way that full-time members of […]