Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Inheritance tax bills have doubled

The latest Treasury statistics show the Government gained a record £4.6 billion in Inheritance Tax. That is almost double the £2.4 billion that they took in 2009-2010. When we have worked hard, paid taxes and saved all our lives to then be subject to inheritance tax at 40% just seems so unfair. But for many […]

Cheltenham employment increases

Unemployment has risen for the first time in months in Gloucestershire – but the overall employer figures are mixed. Cheltenham appears to be the anomaly in the story so far – with year-on-year unemployment actually falling six per cent. Stroud’s figures stayed the same. If ESB gives you the figures first before we provide the […]

Gloucestershire employers add 400 jobs

There was an “invasion” at job centres as Gloucestershire employers advertised 400 vacancies. An invasion threatened to overrun Gloucestershire job centres when employers boasting vacancies were met by hundreds seeking new jobs. Doors opened for a jobs fair which brought together 35 businesses and another 10 plus service providers and trainers offering 400 vacancies. In […]