ESB Accountacy- Accountants for Small Organisations

ESB Accountancy are helping many small organisations and the self employed.

ESB Accountancy specialises in helping small businesses, charities and the self employed- particularly those who are not VAT registered.

– Small payrolls services are a speciality.

– We ensure that your accounts and tax returns address your needs. If you are in a refund situation we encourage early submission of returns and claims as you will benefit from having the funds sooner.

– We can help your vehicle running policy to maximise your tax efficiency.

– We understand the needs of trustees of smaller charities and the compliance burden that exists on them.

Where ESB Accountancy can help you

Most of our clients are based in Gloucestershire– particularly Cheltenham, Cirencester, the Cotswolds, Evesham, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury and Worcester– but we also have had clients based in Baku, Glasgow, London and Sydney. Location is no longer critical to us being able to support you!

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