New employer service launched for South West businesses

A new service has been launched for South West employers.

A new service has been launched for South West employers.

A new interactive tool enables employers and employees to explore demand for particular mid-skill roles and the potential salary benefits and likely levels of competition for these positions. The findings can be shown at the South West level as well as regionally and nationwide.

The tool shows information on mid-skilled jobs, as defined by the Office for National Statistics’ standard occupational classification codes. These include roles in the following major occupation groups:

associate professional and technical
administrative and secretarial
skilled trades
leisure and other service

Mid-skilled jobs are usually defined as those that do not require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent-level qualification, but require some postsecondary education or on-the-job training. This makes these jobs ideal for further education finishers. For the purposes of this tool, higher education graduates with an appropriate degree are included in the calculations of jobseekers for those occupations in which they compete with further education finishers.

This is based on actual destination data of graduates as shown in the Labour Force Survey. Employers recruiting for these occupations frequently request degree-level or equivalent qualifications, and similarly graduates are not prohibited from applying for mid-skilled roles.

The employer tool is available at the Regional Employee Demand link.

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