Tax Refunds

ESB Accountancy can help you reclaim you tax refunds.

Many people pay more tax in the year to 5 April in any tax year than they have a liability for once their tax return has been prepared and submitted to enable a refund to be claimed.

If you are in this category we believe that it is in your interest to have your return submitted as early as possible so HMRC are not holding on to your money.

A typical client receiving a refund tends to have the funds in their bank within a fortnight of the return being submitted and most of our tax refund clients have received their refund by the end of July.

So if you want help with reclaiming your tax retund- you can either ring us now on 01242 583001- email us on or click the Contact Us button tax refunds help contact esbor please fill the form at the bottom of the contact us page.

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