Tax Returns by ESB Accountancy

ESB will help you with your tax returns!

ESB specialise in tax returns for people in business or with property income. That can involve personal self assessment tax returns, partnership tax returns and company tax returns or any combination of these.

We also believe that it is your interest as a taxpayer to have as much warning as possible about the extent of any tax liabilities so we prefer to deal with returns well before the deadline in January or whatever deadline you might have for your company tax return.

Partnership tax returns we recommend are completed and submitted by the end of October.

In general we recommend that all tax returns are submitted earlier than later in the tax year as in our experience this seems to reduce the chances of disputes or penalties.

Self employed people must submit tax returns but have you registered with HMRC and obtained the 10 digit UTR (unique tax reference) that is essential to enable a tax return to be submitted? If not we can help with the registration process.

We believe in being proactive so as to consider what has to be in your return and to reduce the risk of errors that arise from last minute rushes to meet deadlines.

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